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Week beginning 1st June 2020
Week beginning 26th May 2020
Week beginning 18th May 2020
Week beginning 11th May 2020

Home Learning 4.5.20

Hello everyone!


Hope you all had a good weekend! Please find the home learning for this week below. This is the last week of learning about dinosaurs, we are so glad to hear all the positive feedback.


Keep uploading your learning to Edmodo- we are really enjoying being able to interact with you.


Home learning 27.4.20


The Home learning is now being added to Edmodo. If you haven't already, please join your class page following the instructions you were sent last week. Edmodo enables us to interact with you and the children and provide feedback. 


Here is the home learning for this week. We hope you are all keeping safe and well and are enjoying the dinosaur inspired activities.

Home Learning 20.4.20


Well we would usually be saying welcome back after the Easter holidays this week, but unfortunately not just yet. We are all missing the children lots and hope you all had a wonderful family Easter despite the uncertain times. We hope the Easter Bunny managed to pay a little visit.


Below is the home learning for this week, along with all the documents you will need. We have chosen resources which can be drawn or copied by hand if you do not have access to a printer. 


We hope the children enjoy these activities. As of next week the home learning will be uploaded to Edmodo (information to follow) and you will be able to post pictures of your child's learning and make comments on our messages. We are looking forward to being able to interact more with you. 


Please remember to give your child time to embed these skills through their play, keep the 'learning' sessions short and engaging to get the best out of the children.


Hope you are all still safe and well. We look forward to seeing you all hopefully soon.

For any budding artists out there or any children who find it difficult to draw from imagination (I know I do) I have been signposted to this brilliant step by step instructional guide on how to draw a “Gregosaurus”. I tried this out at school today with some of the key worker children and the outcomes were brilliant!


I hope the children enjoy it! You do need to pause the video regularly to be able to keep up with the illustrator.


Happy drawing! 

Yoga picture cards

Here are some Yoga pose cards you can use with your children. 

You could simply call them out and show them the card, or allow them to turn them over one at a time to see which pose is next. 

You could practise the poses together or with siblings. They could even do this via video call with other family and friends and become a yoga instructor! 

If your child enjoys yoga, they’ll love Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube, we’ve used it in PE before so the children should recognise it. 


Miniature families!

Are the children starting to miss families and friends? My two are used to seeing their Nanna and Grandpa three times a week. So I asked them to send me photographs of themselves and made miniature grandparents! 

So far they’ve been in the swing, on the see saw, in the cars and have sat with them while the children had their lunch! 

Simply print the photos and stick them to something sturdy like a cereal box and cover in sellotape... mine needed to be splash resistant!! 


Easter fun activities!

Here are some fun Easter activity ideas for you to have a go at if you like.


Hope you're all staying safe and enjoying the sunshine when we get it! Have a fabulous Easter break- don't eat too much chocolate!



Pull a funny face! 

For anyone who fancies doing the funny face challenge, here’s a nice song by Julia Donaldson called pull a funny face! The children could learn the words and teach it to their families cheeky happy funny face pulling!! wink

Hello from the Year R team

Still image for this video
Week beginning 23rd and 30th March 2020

I would like to apologise for the confusion regarding our home learning.

We combined enough activities to last your child two weeks on the original document dated 23rd March (now ammended 23rd and 30th March) What we didn’t make clear and remind you all of is the importance of embedding these skills so that your child can do them mostly independently without your support.

At school, a large proportion of our day is “discovery time” during which time the children embed their learning from our focused input teaching. It is important at this age they are given time to explore what they have learnt and show you in a different way.

For example, you may have set up a structured teddy bears picnic; talked about sharing, given out the cutlery and food and spoken about different amounts, you may have even drawn the set up of the picnic with your child, labelled the teddies with their names and written numbers to represent how much food is there or how many plates they needed. After this more adult led session, your child’s brain needs time to embed it so that they remember it. So this is time for you to step away and allow your child some time to discover more learning. They may continue with the activity, they may take it in a different direction, or they may want to leave it for now and come back to it another time. Whatever the outcome, it’s important to provide your child with the same resources again during a less structured time at a later date, to enable them to consolidate their understanding.

It’s important not to be moving from one activity to another like a tick list without allowing an element of free time in between for your child to secure their understanding.

We appreciate that EYFS teaching and learning is complex due to brain development of young children. We are so pleased that many of you wish to help your child continue their learning journey over this unprecedented time, but please don’t put pressure on yourselves or your children to complete everything that is suggested. They are just suggestions. You may get more engagement and enthusiasm from your child if you use the types of ideas suggested but use their own interests rather than a theme we may suggest.

Home is not like school so please don’t try to recreate a school like environment. This is new to everyone, including us teachers! Be kind to yourselves, we’re all doing our best at this difficult time.

I will upload some more activity ideas for you in case you feel you have exhausted the ones already suggested but please do take this information in and give your children plenty of opportunities to embed their understanding during less structured activities. Please also don't under estimate the learning involved in traditional board games such as snakes and ladders, puzzles and other games involving taking turns, counting, reading and so forth. Learning happens all the time, every moment is a learning moment.

Hope you are all keeping safe and well, say hello to the children from us.

Mrs Doherty and the EYFS team