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Term 5

Week beginning 26th May

Over the course of this week, the "Happy Garden Heroes" have been hard at work improving the school grounds! They have cleared away rubbish, painted and redecorated, planted a range of plants and vegetables and have made a huge difference!

Watch this space for more updates!

Over the last 2 days, we have started a big project in school!

We have decided to redecorate and improve the 'happy garden' outside year 3 and 4 so that it really lives up to its name! So far, we have cleared away all of the rubbish there, amd have painted the fence in a range of bright colours to make the garden much more bright and colourful!
Week beginning 18th May 2020

Funday Friday started with some Edmodo work using laptops. We also played lots of English and Maths games. Once the weather improved, we went outside to play basketball and to carry on with our fence post painting – they are looking amazing! We can’t wait for everyone to see them.

This afternoon, we took a more chilled out approach. We had a choice of activities – fence painting, playing outside on scooters and making little golf courses, or arts and crafts and puzzles in the classroom whilst watching a film.

We’ve had a lovely week together and we hope the half term team have as much fun as us! J


Today has been another hot one, with a competitive game of rounders’ to start our morning. Every child approached the game with great enthusiasm and lots of laughs were had. Our morning continued with our usual Edmodo challenges. KS1 focused on making porridge and KS2 battled it out to see who could complete their times table grid the quickest.

A Miers Court record was achieved this afternoon by all the children contributing to a paper accordion snake – reaching an amazing length of 21 metres!! Check out the pictures.



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We warmed up today by practising our tennis and badminton skills again. We then spent the morning completing work from Edmodo and playing maths games on the laptops.

After our picnic lunch on the field, we spent another afternoon outside enjoying the sun. We found a shady spot to set up our base camp and we split off into groups. We took turns to play games or to do art and crafts. We also took part in a blindfolded trail. We had to climb through things, over things and even had to crawl under things!

It suddenly started raining – or so we thought. We caught Mrs Lumley red handed with a water pistol.

Some of us recycled cartons and plastic bottles and made them into bird feeders. We added bird seed and either took them home to our gardens or put them in Mrs Kerr’s garden for everyone to enjoy.


We’ve had another great day starting with games of tennis and badminton. We then designed a fence post each, ready for our painting project this week. After warming our brains up, we did some of the Edmodo work that has been set.

This afternoon, we spent a lovely couple of hours outside in the sun. We went on a scavenger hunt and used the items to make fairy houses for Mrs Kerr’s garden. Whilst that was going on, some of us continued our gardening and made a start with our fence posts. We are looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow.


Today has been a productive start to the week. We started off with some warm up challenge courses in the hall created by Rio and Lily. After that we played badminton – we need more practise at this!!

For our next activity we followed instructions to make 3 different types of paper airplanes, which we then personalised and named: Rocket, Falcon, and Super Glider. We went outside to test our inventions and used the wind direction to make them fly further.

This afternoon we made the most of the sunshine and let our creativity explode with chalks on the playground. We also took turns to prepare for a project which will last the week so keep your eyes peeled.

The day was finished off with some gardening. The weeds were taller than the children in Mrs Kerr’s garden. Again, this will be an ongoing project this week.

Finally, we have decided to refresh the sign on our school, fence so we started on that.

Week beginning 11th May 2020

We've made it to Friday!


We began today with Wake Up Shake Up before a morning of lessons from Edmodo.  Lots of multiplication activities for Years 4, 5 and 6 to keep their brains sharp!  This afternoon we celebrated International Day of Families with activities linked to the family including crosswords, word searches and family trees as well as making a 'family circle'.  As it was a lovely sunny afternoon, we spent some time playing outside before watching more of Danny Champion of the World.  We've all had a great week - Mrs Govier, Miss Wiles, Mrs Bedford, Mrs Herrod and Mrs Ridley.

Today started with Wake Up Shake Up and an obstacle course designed by two breakfast club children.  We spent the rest of the morning doing maths and English lessons from Edmodo.  The afternoon started with charades and everyone had the opportunity to act out a book or film title.  Then we all went out onto the field and had a game of rounders.  The highlight was seeing Mrs Herrod and Mrs Ridley proving that they could run fast and score a rounder each!  The afternoon finished with the Roald Dahl film 'Champion of the World'.
It's the middle of the week and everything began as usual with the Miers Court mile.  At the end of the run, the children were asked to collect grass, leaves and twigs, but no reason was given - how mysterious!  The morning passed as usual with lessons in maths and English using the work from Edomodo.  After lunch, we tried some sketching of natural objects and Year R created a dinosaur park.  About 2.00 pm we had a surprise visitor - Dame Trott popped in to see how we were and told us a great story going on a Lion Hunt complete with actions and props! After we had cleared away, we enjoyed a Roald Dahl film.

It's been another busy day for us.  We started today with the Miers Court mile - today we did it on the field rather than the playground.  Then it was lesson time - we divided into groups and worked through some of the work that had been set on Edmodo.  After lunch it was quiz time - there were rounds on Disney, sport, flags, authors, music and superheroes.  Congratulations to 'The Smart Potatoes'  who were our winners!  The afternoon ended with football, basketball and tennis before hearing more about Mrs Pepperpot.


It's been a good start to week 8.  We began by braving the wind and doing the Miers Court mile.  Next we came in and talked about our dreams and ambitions before watching a video about making a dream catcher.  We then had a go at designing and making our own dream catchers complete with feathers and beads!  The afternoon was an active one with parachute games, tennis and table tennis before we ended the day with a story.
Week beginning 4th May 2020

Thursday was our special VE themed day! As the weather was so lovely, we started the morning off completing the Miers Court Mile around the playground. Afterwards, we split into groups and took it in turns to bake butter biscuits. We had to weigh the ingredients carefully and once mixed, use cookie cutters. Our morning was also filled by making and then playing a VE maths board game. Lots of us were challenged to practise times tables! 


In the afternoon, we used red, white and blue icing to decorate our biscuits. The adults were really impressed with some of the design ideas although it turned out a bit tricky with the icing nozzles! We headed out to the field where Mrs Edwards and Mrs Deo had set up a tea party for us with our bunting we had made too. We had lots of fun in the sun eating our treats and playing some games. 

On Wednesday, we started the day with an obstacle course made by some of the children who start early for breakfast club. We then practised some new yoga moves via Cosmic Yoga. Once we split into the different classes, we designed our own bunting, ready for the VE Day picnic tomorrow afternoon. It was lovely to see each piece of bunting with a different design. After break, we did some more Maths and English from the work set on Edmodo - some of us used laptops too!


We spent the afternoon building on our VE day medal designs from yesterday and used different paints to make our medals come to life. Then, we designed and made a spitfire glider - even the adults found it tricky when folding them! We took them outside to see whose plane could travel the furthest. The adults have been so impressed with the children's engagement in the VE Day activities so far and we can't wait for our party tomorrow! 

We have set you a challenge!

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How many claps can you do?

On Tuesday we started the day by completing our mile a day activity on the playground. We then got into groups to do the English and Maths work that had been uploaded onto Edmodo. We discussed our learning together and felt proud of our achievements. We designed a VE Day medal and looked at some real medals from WWI and WWII.

During the afternoon we used our designs to make our clay VE Day medal. We moulded the clay and used tools to add detail. We selected materials to create the ribbon which we will attach to the medal after it has been painted.


On Monday we started the day with yoga. We had to look at different yoga poses and try and remember their name. We looked at the tiger pose and the tree pose and made a yoga flipbook. We then got into groups to do the English and Maths work that had been uploaded onto Edmodo. We were really proud of ourselves!

During the afternoon we found out about VE Day and looked at some artefacts from World War I and World War II. We designed a VE Day tea cup. We finished the day with some reading and drawings. We had some unfinished drawings that we had to finish using our imagination. A great start to the week.

Week beginning 27th April 2020

Tuesday - Today we practised our dance moves in the hall to a number of different songs to prepare our bodies and brains for work.


We then got into groups to do the English and Maths work that had been uploaded onto Edmodo, the adults were really impressed with the focus and concentration of the children and we achieved lots.


During the afternoon we played some team games - 'Guess the Word' and 'Who Am I?' and then created silly pictures as part of our group activities.


We finished the day by finding out how the bear lost his tail!  Another successful day!


Week beginning 20th April 2020
Friday - Today we started with cosmic yoga, completed the scrap book and some phonics work and then went on a teddy bear hunt and had some free time. A nice end to the week!
Thursday - Today we started off with yoga, the some rock star maths, we learnt about St George and then we sewed owls and cats.  What a great day!
Wednesday - We made clay fossils using dinosaurs to make footprints and imprints.  We went outside and chose our own PE equipment.  We worked through some maths work and then finished the day with some drawing.
This is an entry for the Medway Book that information was sent home a couple of weeks' ago.
Tuesday - we started on Cosmic Yoga on You Tube, we did some research on the computers about dinosaurs and made a Powerpoint presentation about our facts.  We also baked some chocolate chip cookies and after lunch we completed some maths and decorated the playground with our chalkacise routines.  What a fun packed day!
Monday - Today we did some cheerleading and we worked through our maths work that our teachers had set us.  We made and flew kites and drew dinosaurs following tips from You Tube.