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Term 4

Photos of this week's activities -  Week beginning 14.04.2020


We’ve come to our final day of the week. Our day started with some table tennis (without the table again) after a little rendition on the piano. We had lots of fun making cakes, whilst they were cooking we made and decorated professional boxes for our cakes to go in. The adults even made us do our very own washing and drying up!! After break we chilled out at our base camp and then we expertly dismantled our tent. We decided to get the laptops out to make Power Points to show all of the amazing things we’ve done this week.

We finished off the day decorating our cakes and finishing our PowerPoints.

“Wow, what a busy week!” – Oscar

“I’ve really enjoyed myself, especially making cakes” Lily


We had a very low key start this morning, after a bit of table tennis (if asked the children will say they beat the adults!!) we decided to make a marble run and have a try at some mindfulness colouring.  We were set an exciting survival challenge, we had the task of pitching a tent and making some flags. We worked together to decide on the best place to set the base up and then had to erect the tent and make sure it was secure enough to use. A cosy den was made inside and we had time to kick off our shoes, chill and either play with Lego or draw. Shortly after we set off on a scavenger hunt to find natural materials to use to create some nature heads. After lunch we headed back to our base camp where we split in to two groups – some of us decided to sew some cushions and the other group created the ultimate golf course where they used a living person as an obstacle. They children have informed us that they’ve had a brilliant day.


Today we had another fun filled day. Our morning started with a warm up dance, we’re not sure who enjoyed it the most – the teachers or the children. After warming up we set to work painting our salt dough creations from yesterday. The children that weren’t in yesterday managed to sew some more rabbits which they thoroughly enjoyed. Our next activity involved a little more concentration – we went orienteering. The wind had a mind of its own and decided to hide the most important  card which told us where the treasure was hidden. We were all keen to find it as the treasure was some treats baked by Miss Wiles. We finished our bunting from yesterday, we have hung this around the school so keep your eyes peeled when you walk past.

This afternoon we decided to show off our talents by performing our very own ‘Miers Court has talent’ show, have a look at our videos. To finish off the day we had a look at some perspective photos, after many many attempts we finally found some photos we are proud of so please take a look.

Video 1.MP4

Still image for this video

Due to a slight technical glitch video 2 will be uploaded tomorrow J


We started the day throwing some shapes to a few tunes. The adults showed the children how to hit the woah! We settled down and followed a recipe to make our own salt dough. Which we then transformed into some fabulous artwork before popping it in the oven. We think it’s still baking – they will be ready to paint sometime this week :) Before break , we made our way to the hall to play alternative table tennis (with no table). We ended the session with the best table tennis dance. To finish the morning off, we made a thank you bunting. Keep your eyes peeled for it later this week.

We spent the afternoon threading Oscar’s needle whilst sewing some cute bunnies. We finished them with button eyes and a fluffy pom pom tail.

We’ve had a great start to a great week!

Photos of this week's activities - Week Beginning 06.04.2020

We rounded off a fantastic Easter week with another lovely day on Thursday! We had to make the most of the lovely weather, so the children set up a very challenging mini golf course with forfeits for the golf ball going off course. They also completed their rainbow chalk patterns and positive messages for everyone to share - we hope you enjoy the photos on the website. The children have loved making crispie cakes and, of course, licking the chocolate off of the spoons! We finished off the day with painting our Easter clay models, playing outside and watering the plants. We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter from the Miers Court team and our pupils. 

On Wednesday we started being creative the minute the children walked in! We decided to create paper hugs and send them in the post for a surprise for family members. The children recreated themselves in paper form which we folded up and will be sent over the Easter weekend.  What a lovely surprise this will be for them! The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day so the teaching staff just had to hide named eggs (plastic) which were spread far and wide over the KS2 playground and field. Despite only having three eggs to find each, it took the children an hour to complete! They could be seen looking in trees, climbing over the mound and on their hands and knees in Mrs Kerr’s garden.  Maybe this is something you can try at home over the Easter holidays – good luck! They loved it so much that It carried over into the afternoon and they decided to hide each other’s eggs. As the children were exhausted, we slowed the pace and they collected sticks and twigs to form the first letter of their name which they wrapped in wool. What another fantastic day, can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

On Tuesday Mrs Ridley got us off to a flying start in her usual inimitable way! She had designed a gym work out that very definitely had us working out! J  Following on from that, our plans went out of the window – the children had enjoyed the sock bunny activity so much yesterday that they had for another go today! We were very happy to oblige and the children were quickly creating their own bunnies – and a very good job they did too! After that, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to be outside, and we moved our giant Easter mural painting activity on to the Key Stage 2 playground before coming back in to enjoy lunch.  After lunch we played some sports,  and then finished the mural! We rounded off the day’s activity by following Oscar’s brilliant idea to have  a bug hunt – this resulted in the discovery of two slugs which he solemnly named.



Monday we started off with some racket sport for a healthy start. That was followed by making some egg baskets ready for our Easter Egg hunt -  that will be happening later on in the week! We all enjoyed drawing a chalk rainbow on the wall with a lovely message to keep us all smiling, and followed that up by designing and creating a Mini Golf course – something which we all enjoyed playing. Mrs Ridley made a star appearance with her crazy shot.


After lunch we tackled some arts and crafts and made sock bunnies ready for Easter. We finished off our day with some fresh air. Wow what a busy day. J


Photos of this week's activites - w/b 30th March 2020

On Friday we started our day with Wake and Shake. This workout really woke us up this morning!


We enjoyed being outside and exploring in the morning. We headed to the outside seating area and had a moment to just stop and reflect on our week. 


We found natural resources and sorted them by texture. We created a frame using sticks and made some amazing pictures. We were inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. 


Mrs Kavanagh took a bit of a tumble but luckily she was fine! 

On Thursday we started the day working out with Joe Wicks.  We managed to keep up with all the exercises and stretches and felt ready for the day.  We also took part in a yoga session.


We played board games and designed and made our own board games linked to keeping safe.  We really enjoyed playing against each other and keeping score.


Some of us finished painting our clay models for our mini gardens.

On Wednesday we painted our clay models and used natural resources to create our mini gardens.  We were really pleased with how they turned out.


We decided to write down our wishes for what we would like to do when life returns to normal.  We wrote our ideas on scraps of paper to be put in a wish jar.  When we can get back to how things used to be, we can read one of our wishes and actually go and do it!  We can't wait!


We had lots of fun painting eggs and investigating what happens when we rolled them down a steep slope.

On Monday we created some fantastic name art and worked as a team to design and create our fantastic banner that is now outside our school.  On your daily allowed exercise why not walk past the school and have a look with an adult?


On Tuesday, we designed our own mini gardens and made some clay models for them.  Our designs look great!


We exercised with Joe Wicks again and created some beautiful chalk artwork in the sunshine.

Week beginning 23.3.20

Below are some photos of the children who have been coming to school 

Here are the photos for today.  We started it with the Medway Mile, then planted some seeds in our pots that we then decorated.  After that we made some exploding rockets.
Here are some photos from today. 
We made rainbows to stick in our windows and had lots of fun playing outside!

Here is the tin forest the children made today.  We read the story (Tin Forest by Helen Ward) about an old man who makes a forest out of tin and recycled objects.  We then went for a wander around the grounds to find material to use.  Luckily we had lots of tin foil to cover the sticks, leaves, feathers and pinecones. What an amazing effort from the children!


NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe Assemblies – This week we welcomed representatives from the NSPCC to our school to speak to the children during an assembly.  Look out for more information on this next week.


Medway Music Association Festival – This week our school has taken part in the Medway Music Association Festival at the Central Hall Theatre in Chatham.  On Monday, 11 Year 4 children played their recorders in the festival together with children from other Medway schools. 


Mia – The most fun thing I have ever done! We got to perform to an audience and it was amazing to be able to do this


Amelie – I got to play my recorder to a lot of people and I liked the songs


Katy – It was a fun experience and I’m so glad I was able to do it.


On Tuesday, our KS2 choir sang with nearly 200 children from other schools and today our Year 2 children took part in the KS1 Singing Festival.  The children worked hard to learn the music and all of the words to sing the songs.  They were a credit to the school.


Joseph – It was funny seeing the people watching us get up and move.  It was good to be up on the stage.


Charlotte – My favourite song was ‘Consider Yourselves’ because it is very upbeat and cheerful.


Sienna – Lucy was a really good conductor.



Parent/Teacher Consultations – We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the meetings this week.  The feedback from parents has been really positive, and lots of you enjoyed looking at the display in the atrium area.  If you were unable to attend the evening meetings, please contact the office to arrange a meeting – we really do value opportunities to share information about a child’s learning with their parents.  We also asked parents to complete a survey for us.  If you were unable to do that on Wednesday or Thursday evening, please complete the survey and return it to the school office.  The closing date for responses is Friday, 20th March.  Once the survey responses have been evaluated, they will be used to inform priorities and actions.  We will also share the trends with parents.


Mini Youth Games TAG Rugby – On Thursday, 12th March, 10 children went to the Anchorians to play TAG Rugby. We were up against 50 schools and we finished in 25th place.  We played 8 games and we did really well.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Abbie and Katie


Book Week at Miers Court! - Last week Miers Court took part in World Book Day. Our week’s theme was ‘Under the Sea’ and Year R all the way up to Year 6 dressed up. There were some great costumes! Every class read ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson. The whole school had great fun making art and creating pieces of writing inspired by the book. We were also lucky enough to have a published author, Ian MacDonald, visit us. He read stories to us and explained how he writes his books. He even signed his books for us. Some of his books are The Mummy’s Finger, Skateboard Gran and Eyeball Soup.  We all also got to share books with other classes and swap an unwanted book with a new one. It was a great week!

By Angel


Book Week – Year R enjoyed listening to Ian MacDonald read one of his stories and went back to class excited to draw pictures of Spike the dinosaur.  Year R loved inviting Kestrel and Puffin classes to read with them this week.  It was lovely seeing the older and younger children enjoying stories together and nice to see the older children reminiscing of their time in Year R.  The older children were very attentive and patient with Bumblebee and Dragonfly children.


Governors’ Focus Visit – 4th March 2020 -  The Governors visited the school to see the children during Book Week.  It was lovely to see each year group all reading the same book.  It was great to see the different ways that each year group had for sharing and discussing the book.  The children loved sharing ideas with each other during group discussions.


Each classroom had eye catching reading displays on the walls for all to see and each classroom and/or year group area has a very well stocked reading corner which any child can access.  The children we met throughout the school were very enthusiastic and told us how much they loved reading. 

Miers Court Governors


Fairtrade Fortnight - Thank you for supporting the activities we put in place to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight – this has been hugely successful in helping all of us to remain mindful of the life experiences of cocoa bean growers around the world.

Well done to Charlotte (Yr. 5), Emma (Yr. 5), Sienna (Yr. 5), Jasmine (Yr. 2) and Kitty (Yr. 2) for their persuasive posters to encourage us to use Fairtrade products. These will be placed around the school to remind us to choose Fairtrade.                

We had an amazing response to the Chocolate Raffle – unbelievably, we had even more chocolate brought in than last year!  The children sat in excited anticipation during Friday’s assembly, when the raffle was drawn.  Well done to our winners and thank you again to everyone who supported the event.

Environment Week – Here are some quotes from the children on last week’s Environment Week: -


Daniella: Don’t throw rubbish in the sea because the animals will get sick.

Indya: Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, like leaves fall off the tree, they go brown and then they turn into mud and dust.

Joshua: I’ve learnt not to put plastic in the sea because it’s killing our sea animals.

Avani: Environment week is good because we recycled bottles so they won’t go in the sea.

Elena: The animals don’t want to eat the rubbish.

Elayna: Because of environment week when I was walking home I saw a crisp bag and I put it in the bin.

Emily: I liked making the fish because we put sales on the fish and stuck bits of plastic on them to show what he had eaten.

Alfie: I liked learning about all the rubbish that you should be making into recyclable things.

Joe: I learnt that small plastics are called microplastics and it never goes away.

Emma: I enjoyed making fish out of paper and plastic to show how bad it is for fish in the sea when we don’t put rubbish in the bins.

Harry: We have to look after this planet because there is no Planet B.

Falcon Class: Last week at Miers Court we celebrated environment week, which shows to us children the problems and solutions involving littering.  In Year 5, we learnt various facts including that just 9% of our plastic waste is recycled and that 160,000 plastic bags are used per second across the world!  We have collated the facts and used them in adverts, persuading people to rethink waste.  Also, in maths we carried out an investigation to see how much plastic waste was used over the half term among Year 5 children.  We interpreted the data and discovered that most plastic waste comes from packaged produce.


Whole-school project - As part of Environment Week all the children in the school came up with ideas about recycling and how we could make a difference in school.  The most popular ideas were presented to the school in an assembly on Friday 28th February and then all the children voted in their classrooms on the idea that they thought would have the most impact.  In EYFS, the children voted to recycle their milk cartons.  Throughout the rest of the school, the idea of having a group of litter pickers to help keep the school and its grounds litter-free (as well organising the recycling of crisp packets) was by far the most popular choice.


School Council will be meeting with Mrs Chapman to find out how we can organise all of this for the school.  Updates to follow soon!


We thought you would like to see the fantastic whole-school display we have put together, show-casing all the amazing writing we did last week.

School Council

Environment Week – Environment Week has been a huge success throughout the school, with the children demonstrating both a keen interest in caring for and protecting the environment.  They have enjoyed a range of activities across curriculum areas, including: discussion and debate, poetry, drama, letter-writing, artwork, DT and statistics.  The children have very definite ideas as to what we can do as a school to make a difference on a practical level. 


Today, the School Council presented ideas, which had been agreed by year groups, in a whole-school assembly.  They then supervised voting on the ideas in classes and they are in the process of collating votes to discover which idea is the most popular.  The winning idea will be implemented in school.  Look out for updates in the near future.  On a different note, thank you to all of the children who brought in bottle tops for the main display in the reception area.  This will be in place by the week of the parent evenings, so please remember to take a look.


Governor Focus Visit – Tuesday, 25th February 2020 – The Governors came into school for a focus visit the Environment Week.  Whilst walking around the school, we noticed some wonderful displays that celebrated children’s learning.  Each class were discussing environmental issues and the children were involved and engaged throughout the school.


We met with members of the School Council who discussed what they had been doing to help with the environment around the school, and what they wanted to do going forward with regard to long-term projects.  All of the children that we met with, and saw in class, were very enthusiastic and had lots of ideas.  We are looking forward to seeing the outcomes and hearing their feedback on these.

Miers Court Governors


Year 3/4 Multi-Skills Competition – Thursday, 27th February 2020 – On Thursday afternoon twelve of us went to The Howard School in Gillingham for a Multi-Skills Competition.  There were twelve activities and twelve schools taking part.  Jack and Millie won endeavour awards for our school and our favourite activity was throwing a bean bag and clapping as many times as we could.

Kay and Jack