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Term 3

YR Visitor – The children really enjoyed their visit from Miss Coutts, who is a nurse, this week.  They enjoyed learning all about being a nurse, dressing up and listening to their heartbeats with a stethoscope.

Digileaders’ Report – On Tuesday, 4th February we went to Medway Park to report on the Cheerleading and Basketball Tournaments.  We went with Ipads to take photos of the Kent School Games 2020.  We then reported this on Instagram and Twitter.

By Ellis, Jack, Neve and Lorenza


Mini Youth Games Tournament - On Thursday, we went to a mini youth games tournament (MYG) which was table tennis. Altogether there were 44 schools and in the cup (which we were in) 20 teams. Some teams were easy to beat whereas some were quite hard. Overall we came 4th out of 44 and we made it to the Night of champions. The Night of Champions is in March 24th where we will compete to see who is the best! You had to be the first person to get to 11 to win a leg. First to win two legs wins the match. Some of the matches were very close but we managed to pull through. We really enjoyed competing in the table tennis tournament and we hope we will do well at the out time Night of Champions!

Falcon Class Assembly - To create our assembly, we had to find a theme for the performance and the different acts. Falcon class decided that we wanted our assembly to be based on Got Talent Global and the “acts” would be based on the different subjects that we are currently learning about in Term 3. We each got to choose what group we wanted to be in and other different essentials. We then wrote our scripts so we knew what our lines would be and when to speak. Soon, we organised our positions on the benches and were ready!


As the benches were put out by Year 6, most of us were confident on our words but some weren’t. All of us thought the same thing though, that it would go perfectly. Then, the assembly began. The first group were the hockey players and gymnasts, who performed the lines without doubt. The judges gave a score for each group out of 10 (and gave 10 every time). The next group to perform was the writers, reading 2 diary entries from the perspective of a highwayman’s wife and 2 read poems based on the Highwayman poem. It went perfectly. The final group to perform were the musicians, telling us about our music and ended the assembly with a song.


Overall, we hope everyone enjoyed our assembly because we know we did!

Ella and George

Y1 Alien Day – On Tuesday, 11th February, Year 1 had an alien day.  It started with a letter from an alien asking them to teach him and his friends how to dance like an astronaut and what food astronauts eat.  The children were very enthusiastic when showing their dance that they had been practising over the last term.  They moved like rockets, shooting stars, astronauts and aliens.  They were very excited to try some food that ‘NASA’ had sent including constellation cookies, meteor mango, astronaut grub, Neptune ‘narnas and super speedy noodles.


In the afternoon they had another letter from the aliens explaining that they had been watching the children and they were so impressed that they had left some fun activities for the children to complete.  They made alien masks, made aliens from special alien playdoh, and made their very own flying saucer.  The aliens had even hidden around the room and each child was able to find one and take it home.


The children really loved the day and were really engaged with all of the activities.


‘I liked the games because it was fund finding the alien with your name on it’ – Jack


‘I liked the food because it is the best thing ever.’ – Ashton


‘I loved making the masks because it was funny and I looked like an alien’ – Leila


‘I liked making my mask because I wore it when I did my astronaut dance’ - Rose

IRock Assembly – On the 10th February, IRock came to our school.  One of the teacher’s name is Mike and he is very talented.  He can play the piano, electric guitar and electric drums.  Also he is a very good singer!  Mike talked to us about playing instruments and being in a band.  Then some people had a chance to be in a band and play their first gig.


Astrodome visit to Year 5 – The Astrodome was a fun experience.  It helped improve our knowledge and understanding of our solar system.  The images were really good and showed us what all the planets looked like and how far they were from the Sun and us.  What we thought was amazing was it actually felt like we were exploring space.  We learnt a lot about the astronauts that travelled to the moon like Neil Armstrong and the famous words he said when he stepped out onto the moon.  We would definitely recommend the Astrodome experience to anyone who is studying space.

Flamingo Class Assembly – Year 4’s topic for this term is called ‘Where Shall We Go?’ so Flamingo Class took KS2 and the adults on a trip through their learning.  The children organised themselves into groups to plan what they wanted to share.  Flamingo Class talked about different map skills they have been learning, locating continents of the world and finding out lots of facts on America.  They also shared some of their designs for the model cars that they will be making. 


Recorder Festival Rehearsal – Monday, 3rd February 2020 – On Monday, 11 children from Year 4 went to the English Martyrs’ School in Frindsbury for a rehearsal for the Medway Music Association Recorder Festival.  The Festival will be held in the Central Theatre in Chatham in March.  All of the children enjoyed the experience and were a credit to the school.

 Young Voices – On Tuesday, 4th February 37 members of our school choir went to the O2 Arena in London where they joined almost 9,000 other children to form the Young Voices choir.  We sang a variety of different songs that we had been learning.  Some of our favourites were: Larger Than Life, Frightfest, Pop Medley and The Queen Medley. 

Young Voices is an organisation that inspires children showing them that they can accomplish their dreams.

We were lucky enough to be treated to one of the luxury VIP boxes, where we had sofas as well as our actual seats!

There were a few guest appearances that included Ruti (the winner of The Voice 2018), The Shires (who perform country music) and Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet.  Ruti first sang at Young Voices with her school choir in 2007.  These performers were accompanied by a full backing band and the street dance specialists, Urban Strides.

We had so much fun it was such a great experience.

Isabelle and Holly


Y1/2 Gymnastics Competition – On Thursday, 6th February 16 Year 1 and 2 children visited the Greenacre Academy in Chatham to participate in the Kent School Games Gymnastics Competition.  There were 20 other infant teams competing on the day and the children were a real credit to the school.  They all tried very hard completing their vault along a bench, their forward rolls and teddy bear rolls and many other movements within the rest of their two routines that they were asked to perform.  We are so proud of all of the children who competed and we were able to see the presentation at the end of the competition and Miers Court came 18th, 11th, 10th and 5th place which is fantastic!  Thank you so much to all of the parents and adults who brought the children to the competition, without you we would not have been able to attend.  Special thanks to Mrs Ridley who coached the children through their routines and gave them the confidence to perform on their own.

EYFS Special Visit – EYFS were really lucky to have a very special visitor this week.  Mr Meleki came to talk to us about his important job as a train driver on the Docklands Light Railway.  He told us that the safety of his passengers is the most important part of his job.  We learnt that the train can be manual or automatic and it has a joystick instead of a steering wheel.  He told us that the train uses electricity to run and he uses a magic key to start it.  We all learnt lots!  Thank you very much for coming to visit us Mr Meleki!

This week Year R were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Edwards, who is a paramedic.  They have written him a lovely letter to thank him for his visit which they enjoyed immensely.

Nourish Pirate Hat Competition - On the 16th January our school caterers, Nourish, ran a competition for the children to design and wear a pirate hat to wear to lunch.  Here are some pictures of the winning hats: