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Term 2

Year 6 Victorian Topic – On Wednesday, 4th December Year 6 had a school trip to Eastgate House and the Guildhall Museum in Rochester.  We were there for the morning and we learnt a lot while having a huge amount of fun.  We learnt that there was a picture of Queen Victoria in every school room to pay respect towards her.  To get there and back we had a fun ride on the train, not on the coach like we usually do!  When we were at Eastgate House the choir (Eryn, Ellie, Katie, Charlotte, Mollie, Holly, Brooke, Ava and Isabelle) all sang Child in a Manger Born in front of the fireplace for the school advent calendar.  You can find it on the Miers Court website on Day 6. 


We also had pictures taken individually for our Christmas cards and, in one of the classrooms, we saw Victorian desks that you could lift up.  In the desks were ink wells and quills.  In the Guildhall Museum we saw the hulks (boats that would have had prisoners on).  They would send it out to the middle of the river and would treat them very poorly – whip them, feed them horrible food or even make them starve.  They did not have proper beds, they had hammocks that would be uncomfortable and not clean.  The covers would be thin, itchy and even might have holes in.  We really enjoyed the day (mainly having a ride on the train, as we have never been on one with our school and school friends).  We have learnt loads and are looking forward to trips in the future.  Thank you to all of the adults who came along and helped out with the trip.  We really appreciate it as you made the event happen and you made it a whole lot better for us all.


On Thursday, 5th December Year 6 had our Victorian Day.  Some of us dressed up as Victorians so we could play the part.  The teachers were also dressed up and were acting like real Victorian teachers.  All of Year 6 had to play the part and it was really funny.  We were doing the 4Rs – aRithmetic, wRiting, Religion and Reading.  First, we had to choose our Victorian name and then we did the 4Rs.  We weren’t allowed to put our elbows on the table as it was disrespectful and we were not allowed to talk or laugh or cough.  We didn’t use whiteboards, instead we had to use slates and chalk.


We really enjoyed this week as we were able to step back in time to see what it was really like in the Victorian times.  We now appreciate the 21st Century more and our living conditons.

By Ellie, Eryn and Aidan

Mrs Chana visits Year 2 - Year 2 would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Chana who visited us last week to tell us all about her recent visit to the Punjab to celebrate the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak. The children learnt so much about the celebration and traditions through having the opportunity to listen to Mrs Chana, look at her beautiful photographs and ask her questions. The children were very inquisitive and it has led them to think about why and how we celebrate different occasions in our own lives.

Year R Nativity – The EYFS staff were all very proud of the children when they performed their nativity to KS1 and their parents this week.  They sang and acted really well and all looked like they really enjoyed the limelight!


Air Monitoring Project … up-date - On Thursday, we replaced the two air monitoring tubes for the first time.  The tubes that had been in place for a month have been sent away to the laboratory to be analysed and we have put two new tubes in their place. 

In a few months’ time, the laboratory will be in touch with us to send us data about the quality of our air.  We will keep you up-to-date with the project.

School Christmas Tree – We would like to say a huge thank you to Hans Christmas Andersen of South Bush Lane, Rainham who have very kindly donated a Christmas tree to the school again this year.  Some of our children have been busy decorating it and we look forward to seeing more baubles on the tree over the next few days!  It’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Miers Court now!

Year 6 visit to Eastgate House – Year 6 enjoyed a great day out to Rochester on Wednesday this week where they experienced the sights and sounds of a Victorian Christmas at Eastgate House.  The children explored the food, traditions, decorations and songs that would have been involved and some of them even sang a beautiful Christmas carol by a Victorian fireplace!

Year 6 Victorian Day – Year 6 also experienced what it would have been like to have been school children during the Victorian era on their ‘Victorian Day’.  Lessons were very different and the teachers were ever so slightly more strict!  All children chose a Victorian name and practiced the Three Rs – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic whilst making sure that they were sitting up straight and paying attention at all times!


The children will write a detailed report of their exciting activities for next week’s Miers Court Matters, so watch this space!


Rochester Cathedral Carol Concert – On Tuesday, 3rd December, the KS2 choir visited Rochester Cathedral to perform in the Medway Christmas Carol Service.  The children sang a range of traditional and newer Christmas carols such as ‘Away in a Manger’, ‘Calypso Carol’, ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ and ‘Come and Join the Celebration’.  Their beautiful singing filled the Cathedral and among the other schools they all pulled out a show-stopping performance!  The children are very proud of their hard work and efforts in learning the songs and performing to a large audience, and they are looking forward to singing again next week to open the school Christmas Fayre.



Christmas Bauble Competition – All of the children have had fun designing Christmas baubles for the West Kent Little Voices group.  We are very pleased to let you know that the following children have won prizes: -


  • Jack in Year 6 (First Prize)

  • Sienna in Year 5 (Runner-up)

  • Darci in Year 5 (Runner-up)

  • Lily in Year 4 (Runner-up)


Well done everyone!

MYG Badminton – On Thursday, 21st November we went to the Badminton Mini Youth Games (MYG) at Medway Park to report and journalise on the event.  At the teacher’s briefing we found out about the rules for this tournament. Some of the rules were underarm serves only and, if you touch the net twice, you are out.  In this MYG there were 40 schools competing and two categories.  There were 18 schools in the cup who were more experienced and 22 schools in the plate, which we were in. in the hall, there were 16 courts where a team of at least three boys and three girls played a match of badminton.  There were also helpers from Mid Kent College in purple t-shirts who helped out with the scores of each match.


As Digileaders, the first thing we did was to write a short tweet about the rules and general event happening.  We used notes on our Ipad to plan and then we wrote it up for real in a short paragraph and posted it to keep social media informed and up-to-date. We then later learnt about photograph and how to capture a moment perfectly.  After we had learnt the general basic skills we were set to work on a challenge that involved completing three simple tasks.  The tasks were: taking an action shot, a picture of a student from Mid Kent College and a picture of your school team. After we had taken these pictures we posted them on Instagram. Overall, we had a great day and learnt a lot.

By Brooke and Isabelle – Year 6


Bikeability - At Bike Ability we learnt how to ride our bikes on the road safely. If we pass Level 1 we moved on to Level 2 which is harder and on the roads. During Bike Ability we learnt how to turn corners, do u-turns, overtake and signal. It was a very fun experience and we really enjoyed it. They taught us in safe environments and all of the instructors taught us well. At no point in the lesson did we feel pressured to do anything so we could do it in our own time. We learnt how to do a safety check on our bike and have a booklet so we don’t forget what we learnt. After the training we got a badge for taking part and a certificate saying whether we passed or not. Lastly, to celebrate, we all stood up in assembly.

By Holly and Adam

Magistrate Visit - On Tuesday, Richard, our local magistrate, visited our school and spoke to Year 6. He discussed the types of roles you could have in court. The two main courts are the Crown and Magistrate court. The legal advisor gives advice on the law. The magistrate makes the decision on whether or not the victim is guilty. The court ushers tell everyone to stand. In court sessions you have to stand up in respect for the Queen. If you committed a really serious crime you’d be sentenced to the Crown court (which is only 5% of all cases). 95% are sent to the Magistrate court and that’s for the less serious crimes. Did you know you are legally responsible for your behaviour at ten? Did you know 2000 teenagers were imprisoned last year for cyber-bullying? Different punishments for breaking the law are: fines, sentenced to prison for a certain period of time, unpaid work or a conditional discharge. We also did some role play where we took on different roles! It was really interesting meeting him.

By Louisa and Rayhan

Children in Need Day

Friendship Week/Anti-Bullying Workshop – Across KS1 and KS2 this week the children have been exploring friendship.  Each year group has been learning through a text to focus on the seven different aspects of friendship promoted by the Anti-bullying Alliance: -


  • Smile
  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Compliment
  • Include everyone
  • Kindness
  • Care


Alongside this, the children have had the opportunity to explore friendship through the other curriculum areas.


Year 6 Remembrance Assembly - On Remembrance Day this week Year 6 held an assembly about this special day. We had thought carefully about all the different soldiers who had given their lives and this inspired us to write some poetry. We had also read poetry from World War 1 and this helped to inspire us too.  For our poems we chose different points of view (for example the view of a wife of a soldier). A few of us shared our poems and we also presented information about why we have this ceremony on this special day.


Each class created a wreath and we all watched as they were laid together in the assembly as part of our beautiful display. At 11am the whole school held a two minute silence to show our respect for people who have fought for our country. We enjoyed writing and sharing our memorial poems.

By Archie, Albie, Katie and Charlotte.

Year 2 Visit to Dover Castle – We had a fantastic day at Dover Castle and we got to see lots of interesting things and we even sat on a royal throne and had our photo taken.  We went into the Great Hall, the Gallery, the King’s Bedroom, the Kitchen and the Dining Hall.  Our favourite part of the day was going into the tunnels, it was quite dark in there but we had fun and saw lots of cannons.

Deimjanas and Stevie

Air Monitoring Project - As you already know, Miers Court’s School Council are leading a project on clean air. On the 6th of November we placed our first two tubes in the School grounds. In one month’s time we will take them down and then send both of the tubes to the laboratory.  We will then view the results to test the quality of our air and how clean our air is. Next month they will send us new tubes to continue monitoring our air at Miers Court.

School Council

Year 6 Cake Sale – Yesterday, Year 6 held a cake sale in the school hall to raise money towards their lasting gift.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of cakes donated by friends and families. The cake sale was a great success and we raised an outstanding £280! Thank you to everyone who came along to support our event.