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September 2020

Head of School/AEN Leader - Mrs Chapman

Deputy Head - Miss Munns

Assistant Head - Miss Collings


Mrs Field - Office Manager

Mrs Tranah - Admin Assistant

Mrs Bedford - ELSA

Mr Turner - Caretaker

Teaching and Support Staff

Year Group/Class Teachers LSAs
YR - Bumblebee

Mrs Cooper/

Mrs Doherty

Mrs Deo

Mrs Kent-Smith

YR - Dragonfly Mrs Strouts
Y1 - Skylark

Miss Knight


Mrs Francis
Mrs Edwards
Y1 - Hummingbird

Mrs Acott/

Mrs Collins

Y2 - Robin

Mrs Richards

Mrs Purton
Y2 - Nightingale Mrs Govier
Y3 - Kingfisher Mrs Preston Mrs Winter Mr Drury
Y3 - Puffin Miss Collings
Y4 - Macaw Mr Shelley

Mrs Wright

Mrs Gillam

Y4 - Flamingo Miss Wood
Y5 - Falcon Mrs Mead Mrs Lumley Mrs Ridley
Y5 - Kestrel

Mrs Townsend


Y6 - Phoenix Mrs Kavanagh Ms Scott
Y6 - Pegasus Miss Witchell