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Remembrance Day Poems

Phoenix Class Poem


Soldiers set off with songs; it ended in pain

The fallen fought for peace and freedom

In our hearts the soldier’s spirits are in peace under an English heaven

I saved my country now I rest in peace

But they sit high above the clouds and in our memories


In the planes, in the ships, the men’s hearts calls out for help,

Men calling, calling, calling for help as they cry with emoting tears,

In rich earth is richer dust concealed

Remember, remember, remember


We wear poppies for those who died in the war

They fought for you, they fought for me, they did it for us

They will remain with us, from beginning to end.

All of their shed away by evil


Brave souls that lie with us

They fought for our freedom

They fought for us, they fell for us

The brave saved us all


Remember the brave that sacrificed their lives.

Then on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, guns fell silent

They fought through thick and thin,

We rejoice the times we had together, there are no worries now

Age shall not weary them or the years condemn


The red poppies resemble our blood

Glory shines upon our tears

In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

A thing of such beauty and grace,

Poppies grow as sign of remembrance

Loved ones may not have made it home but they are in our hearts

So to them we never forget,

To lovingly remember

To always respect

The 11th of November