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Young Voices at the 02 2019


02 report


Young voices is a huge choir with thousands of children (this year had 8134 children). They also had some special guests like Tony Hadley, Beau Dermot and Sharlene Hector.

In the middle of the songs we dot a special message from the greatest showman actor Hugh Jackman! Sadly he couldn’t make it L

We sang songs like Moana, greatest showman, thank you for the days and many more. If you have never been and you have the chance to I would say go for it because they have a light show and it is amazing.

By – Izzy J

O2 young voices 2019

For many months the O2 choirs have been practicing for the young voices concert. It took place on the 29th of January and we all had an amazing time. More than 8134 children took part in this huge event and tony Hadley was there to sing with us. As well as Beau Dermot and Sharlene Hector we even got a recorded message from Hugh Jackman apologizing for not being able to make it! We sang songs from the greatest showman, Moana and even one of Tony Hadley’s greatest hits! The lighting effects were amazing and it really gave us (and the audience) a day to remember. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Townsend and Mrs Herrod for teaching us the songs and putting in so much work to make the day the best ever.

  • Sophie L and Eleanor