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Young Voices 2015

On Tuesday 27th January 2015 the Miers Court year 5 and 6 choir took part in the biggest children’s concert in the world, the young voices! We were finally going, everyone was really excited. We all had our lunch and left school at 12:30, the excitement was already building as we got on the huge coach that would take us all to the world famous O2 arena in London.

The coach felt like it went on forever; luckily I had a friend to talk to. When we got there everyone gasped as they saw the huge arena we would later be performing in. Before we went in we all had a snack and a drink to get us ready for the rehearsal in the auditorium. When we had finished our snack we entered the auditorium for the first time, it was huge and we were sat quite high up above the stage. There were thousands of children sat around us, in fact there were 7538 children, and it was really noisy. We went through all the songs and rehearsed the dance moves with the other children and street dance crew Urban Strides, it was really fun!

Finally the rehearsal finished and we sat outside to eat our tea/dinner. It was around 6:00pm when we finished and for the last time that evening we entered the auditorium, the excitement was building and I felt like I might burst at any minute! As we walked in loud music was playing and we heard children chanting their school names, the atmosphere was incredible. As the concert started loud cheers and shouts suddenly filled the room and the YV band started to play. The whole arena started to sing the atmosphere was superb, the sound of 7538 voices (maybe more) just sounded amazing. Everyone had loads of fun all throughout the concert; it really was a tremendous experience for everyone that went. There were a few Celebrities there as well, there was Lucy Spraggan from the x factor, Mic Lowry a boy band from Liverpool and Tom Billington, all of them were really good.

For the finale of the show all the celebrities, children and YV band came together to sing all you need is love by the Beatles, It was truly awesome. The young voices 2015, was an epic experience for all of us that went and I will always remember, the songs, the atmosphere and the fun we all had. When you get the chance to go make sure you do, it truly is an amazing experience, one I will certainly never forget!!!

By Jacob.