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School Choir at O2 for Young Voices

Once again our school choir was represented at the O2 in the Young Voices Concert. Here are two reports of the day one written by Jessica and Cameron and the other by Jamie, scroll down for some photos:-


My O2 Trip 2016

At last the day had arrived, I was going to the O2 with the choir! I knew it meant I was going to have a great time.

When we arrived I saw thousands of children who were all going to sing their hearts out and that’s what I was going to do.

Unfortunately I had a croaky voice on the day so when I sang it was not my best, I mimed a bit in rehearsal to rest my voice.

After the rehearsal, we had a break for our tea and I was able to sit and relax with my friends.

Then the big moment came….we returned to our seats and the audience of parents, grandparents and friends came pouring into the arena.

It was a great experience to sing with Tom Billington and Laura Wright and dance with Urban Strides I had the time of my life.

J P Year 6


Young Voices 2016

We were so excited; the day of the O2 was finally here! We had been waiting for many, many weeks. As we ate our lunch we got more and more excited. After lunch we lined up in pairs to get onto the coach. We all thought it would take forever to get to London but the journey was very quick.

When we arrived at the O2, we ate our snack, and then went into the arena to find our seats. The rehearsal took all afternoon but was fun, so we didn’t mind. At the end of the rehearsal we left the arena and had our tea. Midway through the tea break, we had our photo taken with the Miers Court Choir banner.

Finally, we returned to our seats for the concert. We rushed into our seats to wait for the audience of parents and friends to arrive. We were seated on the top level and had a good view of the stage and arena.

As the lights went down, the music started to play and Urban Strides dance crew opened the show with an amazing routine! We sang all the songs and enjoyed the night, we loved the singers – Laura Wright, Tom Billington and Beat Box Collective. The dancers Urban Strides with  Andy Instone.

The whole concert was led by the amazing conductor David Lawrence and the musical director Craig McLeash.

Overall this was one of the best days out!!

The most amazing thing was that all the teachers had light-up umbrellas for us to follow on the way out.


Jessica and Cameron