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Mini Youth Games Swimming

Isabelle's report:

First we get there and meet Jon. He shows us our training room where we got our vests and our devices. 46 schools took part in this event. Then the swimming started.

At first we are told the rules and what to do and what not to do. Then we watch the event and think about how they would feel and wrote it down. We then take our devices and took some photos from low and high then we wrote a limmerik.


MYG swimming is lots of fun

Belive me it is easily done

It can get really hot

Hope you won’t faint on the dot

We will even let you have a bun.


Sophie's report:

The MYG swimming gala!

The swimming team and two Digi-leaders went to Medway sports centre to compete at the mini youth game swimming this event 46 schools took part! The swimming team did Miers Court proud and were participants to all the races including some relays. The Digi-leader team took photos and experienced the thrilling competition from many different points of view. The swimming team were amazing and came 32nd.

We all had an amazing time and it was a day to remember. Well done swimming team J!

As Digi-leaders we took photo, wrote reports, made up our own limerick poems and experienced an amazing day. We used our devises to take some pictures of all different schools and some races in actions. Whilst we were there Jon (the leader of Digi leaders) set us challenges to complete during the day. Once we were doing this he would post our work on the MYG Digi leaders twitter and Instagram page. It was good fun!