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House Captains' Awards Assembly

Our Friday assembly turned into something much bigger!

On Friday 9t February 2018 we had an MP (Member of Parliament) as a very special guest come and visit our school; our School Council have been invited to spend the day at the Houses of Parliament! Rehman Chishti (the MP) has given the School Council an exciting opportunity to visit where the famous man named Winston Churchill once walked.

He was talking about some of the things that an MP has to do, he mentioned things like:

  • Taking people’s ideas to Parliament

  • Suggesting things to help the country

He recently got 35million pounds to help people with mental health because he put this request forward. The higher ranking MPs accepted his appeal- now lots of people are being helped.

Our assembly also had our House Captains awarding many amazing pupils House Captain’s awards. One person from each house in every year group gets an award. Ways to earn a house captain award are: contribution, being helpful, being a kind participant and being a good role model to other children

Our magnificent O2 choir sang us a song called Hakuna Matata; they each got a small house captain award along with a Young Voices certificate.

This was an amazing assembly joined by our special guest.

Written by Ellie L, Holly and Evy (year 6 Digi leaders)

Thank you for reading.