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Hockey Internationals

On Monday 13th our hockey club went to see three international matches at the Lee Valley Hockey Centre in the Olympic Park. This report is by Ellie:


Monday 13th June 2016

We went to watch the hockey Champions Trophy .The whole trip organised by Mr McDonald we are all very grateful. We would also like to thank our parents’ helpers who helped out.

Our day started out with us meeting in the school hall and us getting into our groups. Most of us were with at least one friend. When we were ready to depart we left the school and started our walk down to the Rainham train station where we would catch the train to Stratford at 09:45am.


Outside the station we had our photo taken.

 We had a 30 minute walk to get to the stadium which was the Lee Valley Hockey and tennis centre. When we arrived we had to wait in a long line with lots of other schools to enter. Once we were through the long line of other school we went to find our seats and prepared to watch the first match which was great atmosphere for this game was great as most people there were supporting GB.  The second match we watched was Australia Vs Germany and this match ended as 4-3 to Australia. During this match we went to get our autographs from people such as Ashley Jackson. Then we went to the outdoor café under the white shelter. The final match was India Vs Belgium which after a lot of rain ended 2-1 to Belgium. We didn’t get to watch all of that match because of the rain unfortunately the rain could have been better but it wasn’t even though we still enjoyed our day.  WE ARE SO GREATFULL FOR THIS!