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Digileaders' Table Tennis Report

On the 14th February the Miers Court table tennis team competed in a huge sporting event in Gillingham’s Medway Park. 40 schools attended this event and we played nearly every school and this is what happened


The entire event was sponsored by Soar trampoline park.

Harvey reported that the event was great and that the team all worked together great in his spare time. Isla also reported that the team all supported each other and got through the bad and good times.  Most of the rounds they played they won even when they lost they managed to improve the next round. They played 8 matches and won 6 of them. The team played very well and represented our school amazingly.

Overall we came 4th but we were still very happy with are placement and we are all very proud of them. To even come in the top 5 is achievement in its self but we were overwhelmed that we came in the top 10% of the entire competition. A big thanks to their coach Mr McDonald and Roger for training the team for the entire event.

Oliver and Madison reported the whole event and took photos that are shown on this report they both enjoyed the event to and are excited to attend another one. The team will be going to the night of champions finals later this term.