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Badminton MYG

Last Thursday 8 new badminton players went to Medway Park to represent the school at Medway's Mini Youth Games Tournament. They were a little nervous because they had only had 3 practice sessions because of how difficult it is to practise badminton in our little school hall.

Reassured that we were going to have a good day and develop our badminton skills by playing lots we set off. We arrived quite early and bagged a practice court marvelling at how much space there was and how unlikely we were to hit the ceiling every other shot if at all!

On to the matches and our confidence grew as we won our first three matches. We then lost a very close one and regrouped for lunch. After lunch we came up against 2 very strong teams in Elaine and St Andrews. Elaine won every single game all day quite comfortably and came second so no disgrace there.

We finished the day with a win to round it off perfectly. On 2 practices we won half of our games and came 21st out of 39 schools. Very well done to Grace, Grace, Ellie, Jocelyn, Jamie, Harry, Alex and Tom.

Mr McDonald.