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Acorns - Peer Support Group - For Parents Experiencing Abusive Behaviour from their Child(ren)

Sometimes children's behaviour can go beyond just being 'difficult'.  It's not only partners who suffer domestic violence. Young people can be abusive and violent to parents too.  Parental abuse can leave you feeling embarrassed, ashamed, angry, isolated and terrified.  Do you struggle to establish and maintain appropriate and safe boundaries with your child?  The 'Acorns' project aims to provide space for parents to talk about their experiences and support them towards making themselves and their families safer.


'Acorns' is a series of weekly support groups run over six consecutive weeks which are free of charge.  Each session lasts for two hours and all six sessions should be attended and are limited to 8 people per group. Evening, daytime and Saturday groups are available commencing in October 2016.  These groups are for anyone who lives or works in Medway.


Prior registration is required.  Appointments for registration are available on: Tuesday, 27th September between 4.00 to 8.00 pm and Wednesday, 28th September between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.  Contact Sue or Judith on 01634 730833 or for more information.