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Now that we are in week 1 of home learning, you will have seen that the work for each group has been loaded.  Next week we will upload the next lot of work, and it will be in Parents - Home Learning - Your Year Group - under the heading beginning 20.03.20.  The exception to this is Year 5, whose teachers have combined the work for 2 weeks in their first document.

On the main page as you click onto the Home Learning tab, you will find links to more generic resources, resources to support with mental health and wellbeing, etc.  In order to make it easier to find things, we will also put the new resources under a separate heading each week.  If you are having difficulties with anything or have any questions, please do contact the school office on  If you have found a really useful link or resource that you would like to share with other parents, please do send it into the office with a short description.  As before, if you would like to do some work around what would have been the termly topic, the starting point would be to look at the knowledge mats on the class pages and from there identify an area of research that you could follow with your child.  Ms Munns is currently working with the teachers to get these ready for term 5 and uploaded to your class pages.

We always encourage daily reading and practising number bonds and times tables every day, but there are lots of ideas for fun ways to do this.

Mrs Chapman and the Miers Court Team

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

It has been brought to my attention that Chester Zoo is hosting an all-day live virtual tour with hourly slots featuring a range of different animals.


This a fantastic opportunity for children to observe and learn about a number of animals.


Just some of the animals featured will be


  • Red pandas at 10am
  • Rothschild's giraffes at 11am
  • Asian elephants at midday
  • Butterflies at 1pm


Then you can catch up with the


  • Sun bears at 2pm,
  • Sumatran tigers at 2.30pm
  • Humboldt penguins at 2.45pm
  • The aquarium at 4pm.


That's a full day to spend with the animals, and although it's possible the running order might be subject to some slight changes, zoo staff promise there'll be more surprises throughout the day.


Take a look at the zoo's Facebook page for details of how to tune in to the virtual tour.

Here is a link to the Hamilton site where the resources are all free, they include texts and activities for English and maths.

Many thanks to the author, Molly Watts, for sharing this with the community:


Here is a little bit of everything for maths, reading and handwriting - easy to access and use -
Week beginning 16th March 2020


BBC Newsround




Dr X and Dr Chris video on Corona Questions for young people dispelling any myths or fears





Navigating conversations tips for parents / carers






advice and information about the COVID 19


The Guardian



Tips on how to deal with the media and potential self-isolation

Young Minds


Emotional health and wellbeing online resources for various mental health needs



Activities for mindfulness & creating calmness in the home


family mindful games at zero cost





Description of Resource

Where to Find It

PSHE Association








Lots of free and some member resources that are suitable for home learning.

EC Resources - TES






Collection of free PSHE workbooks for the new 2020 Guidelines, suitable for home learning.







PSHE / SMSC / Citizenship / English / History - 30 Page Student Activity Pack.

Education Freedom







Free resources from a number of organisations including British Heart Foundation, British Legion and Postal Museum.

Open Learn








Lots of fantastic free resources for children aged 13 and over.









A free to access learn a language site. Learn 30+ languages online with bite-size lessons based on science.

Home Education Resources








A number of recommended home education websites/resources. Many of them are free.







Lots of free to download resource packs.

Art Hub for Kids






Lots of videos lessons for making an array of art projects.

Khan Academy








Free science and Humanities resources and lesson plans.



BBC Bitesize





Lots of free videos and helpful topics on a number of topics.








Free education resources for KS1 – KS4.

Oxford Owl








Educational resources and free eBooks to support children's learning at primary school and at home, from Oxford University Press.