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Flamingo Class Assembly

Year 4’s topic for this term is called ‘Where Shall We Go?’ so Flamingo Class took KS2 and the adults on a trip through their learning.  The children organised themselves into groups to plan what they wanted to share.  Flamingo Class talked about different map skills they have been learning, locating continents of the world and finding out lots of facts on America.  They also shared some of their designs for the model cars that they will be making. 


The Importance of Light

In R.E, we have been discussing the significance of 'light'. First, we shared ideas of what comes to mind when we hear the word and then we thought about how light is important in certain religions. We created stained glass windows of a star to represent it being a guiding light. 

Why were looms used in Viking times?

After comparing Viking life to our own, we explored the outdoor environment to collect natural materials. From these, we worked in groups to create our own loom, ready for weaving!

Viking Art

Year 4 created a Viking longboat scene over the course of three lessons. For each stage, the children focused on a different section of our artwork, each showing a different skill. They thought about how to use watercolours effectively by mixing the correct colours and creating a wash effect. The children then thought about different textures and ripped the paper to create waves. The last stage was to make the longboat and add shields, coloured by felt tips. 

A journey through the body!


Year 4 worked in groups to demonstrate each stage of the digestive system, using different ingredients to represent this. The children were able to explain each stage using the correct vocabulary and worked fantastically as a team! The end was definitely a messy one! 

Maths Day


Year 4 planned, designed and created times table games to then teach to Year 2. The children had to think carefully about their target audience, ensuring their game would be suitable for Year 2 to understand and play. The enthusiasm from Year 4 was amazing! 

Celebrating Diversity in Year 4

As part of transition, our school focus was 'Celebrating Diversity'. Each class had a word as their focus for the week, which activities were revolved around. The adults were so impressed with the children's conversations and the ideas that were shared. These are the displays that Flamingo Class and Macaw Class produced.