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We have been thinking about the question - What's beneath out feet? We have learnt about the structure of the Earth and completed some activities, such as drawing and labelling diagrams. Some of the children have been very creative and thought of their own ways to display what is under Earth's crust.  

Izobella has used paper plates to create a diagram of the structure of the Earth.



Joe has drawn and labelled a lovely diagram!


Oliver got really creative and created a Lego structure to show the layers of the Earth!




We have had lots to celebrate, support and show appreciation for this term. From Remembrance to Friendship Week - here are some pictures and explanations of how we've contributed to these events. 





After we had learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate this event every year, we watched some fireworks displays on our computer and looked at pictures. We then used either chalk or oil pastels to create our very own fireworks display. We explored different lines and shapes we could create with our tools and also thought of descriptive words and phrases for our fireworks as we were working. 



We learnt a lot about Remembrance and had some really good discussions about it and why we show appreciation at this time. We also looked at a timeline to show where certain events happened in relation to today. We compared this with other events that we have been learning about as well as the years that we were born. 

Some of us spoke about how we have family members in the military today or have been as well as grandparents and great-grandparents who were children during World War 2. It was so interesting to find out about the experiences of different people. 


Here is a picture of the wreaths that we put together as a school. Ours are the two shiny ones at the bottom. We used collage to fill in the colour of our poppies. Some of us also came to school in our Beavers and Cubs uniforms. 


Friendship Week


We had lots of fun during this week looking at the themes and messages behind the story 'Troll stinks'. It is linked to the well-known tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The Billy goats sent unkind messages to Troll because he wasn't very nice. But they ended up sending them to a small baby troll who was very upset by the messages. We all decided that we should never send unkind messages to anyone, no matter what they had done wrong. It can upset people and once you've sent those words, you can't take them back. We wrote letters to Billy to explain why he shouldn't be sending the messages. 


At the end of friendship week, we wore our pyjamas (for Children in Need) and we all received a friendship biscuit which we enjoyed eating together. This was a lovely idea from the school council.


Learning from home


Like many other people, we have had a little bit of time where we have had to stay at home and complete our learning from there. We use a great website called Edmodo where we can keep in touch with our friends and teachers and continue learning just like we are still in school. Here is just a little snippet of some of the tasks and challenges we have completed in the last week:


Jasmine's healthy lunch and guide to living a healthy lifestyle!


Rosie's Story based on the story 'The Fate of Fausto'.


Oliver's story based on 'The Fate of Fausto'. 



Henley has been retelling the nativity story using his nativity scene puppets. 



Macie has been designing Christmas cards. 

Tamaraebi has spent some time creating her very own story! Keep and eye out for the next part!

Bella's home-made javelin!

Still image for this video


Enola's prehistoric farm. She's included lots of elements that were important for Stone Age settlements.