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As part of our healthy eating and Olympic week, we made fruit kebabs. We used fruit from the countries we represented, and showed off our cutting skills, chopping up the fruit we were given, making sure we were very careful! We then threaded the fruit onto the kebab. We were all very adventurous, trying fruits that we may not have tried before or liked. 

Everyone enjoyed their Kebabs!

This week we had a wet start to our Olympic Parade and Sports Day. Each house represented a country. Peak represented Italy, Smith represented Lithuania, Kerr represented Ireland and Rowling represented Norway. Each team had a chance to parade around the playground with their Olympic flags they made.

We had fun throwing our javelins in the rain, and dodging the rain with our tunnel ball games.  Luckily the sun shone for our obstacle and running races. All the children were amazing and cheered everyone on! We are so proud of them and the team spirit they showed.

We had such an amazing day on Roman day, we learnt new stories, we created some fantastic mosaics, we had the most epic battles and held proper armour! This was a great introduction to our new topic.