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Mrs Chana visits Year 2 - Year 2 would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Chana who visited us last week to tell us all about her recent visit to the Punjab to celebrate the 550th birthday of Guru Nanak. The children learnt so much about the celebration and traditions through having the opportunity to listen to Mrs Chana, look at her beautiful photographs and ask her questions. The children were very inquisitive and it has led them to think about why and how we celebrate different occasions in our own lives.


Here are some pictures of Year 2.  They include: -


  • Year 2's amazing day out exploring the tunnels and battlements at Dover Castle.  They also found out lots of information about what it was like to live inside the castle
  • Year 2's tricky learning in maths using Base 10 equipment to add to 2-digit numbers where they needed to regroup the ones and exchange them for tens and ones
  • Enjoying role play to explore some of the jobs that people might do in a castle to help them write about the different jobs that people did in medieval times
  • finding out how to attach wheels to an axle in DT so that they could use this to understand how the soldiers moved catapults and other heavy weapons in medieval times