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Frequently Asked Questions


Our aim is to always keep you informed of school developments, events and news.  We will contact you directly if we have any worries about your child.  Please let us know of any concerns or difficulties you are experiencing.  Please note that we adhere to Medway Council’s Policy on aggression or violence towards our staff and view all such incidents as unacceptable.  We also have a Code of Conduct applicable to all staff, parents, children and other stakeholders of the school which includes face to face meetings, telephone calls and use of social media.  This is available on our website.


All classes operate with contact books or homework diaries and these are great for quick messages, for example if there is a change in collection arrangements.


Our teachers are not usually available first thing as they are greeting and registering children or preparing for the day.  Similarly, at the end of the day they may be seeing the children off so may not be immediately available.  If you need to speak to a teacher, please put a note in the contact book or telephone the office to set up a meeting or a call back.  We will always do our best to get back to you.  Please be patient, the office staff may not be able to give you the information you need immediately.


Please use the website – we aim to update it regularly and it is often a useful first place to check information.


Our weekly newsletter ‘Miers Court Matters’ is sent out every Friday via email and contains the latest news and dates for your diary.


If you have not already done so, please contact the office to provide them with your email address or to update your information.  We use this for emails and text messages.


Good communication is the best means of pre-empting or resolving disputes, so please let us know of any difficulties directly.



Each year group has homework appropriate to their age and the stage of the children.  If you have any difficulties or concerns, please contact the class teacher.


Collecting Children from School

If there is any change to the arrangements for collecting your child it is vital that you let us know.  We will not allow your child to leave school premises with an adult we do not have your consent for.  A note in the contact book is fine.  If you call the office to give this information, please try to do so in time for the message to be passed on.



We are not permitted to administer any medicines to your child unless they are prescribed for your child and come into school in their packaging with the correct label.  If you need us to administer prescription medicine, you will need to come to the office and complete a medication form.  Children should not bring any medication in to self-administer or keep in their bags or lockers.


Mobile Phones

The children do not need to have mobile phones in school and so should not bring them into school at all.  The exception to this is when older children (usually Year 6 towards the end of the year) begin to walk home alone.  They will only be permitted to bring phones with your written consent and will be expected to hand them in at the beginning of the day and collect them on leaving.  Please note, we do not have secure storage for the phones and so they are brought in entirely at your own risk.  Phones found in school that should not be will be confiscated and only returned to the parents of the child concerned.



We teach all children about e-safety.  There will be an acceptable use letter coming home soon which will require your signature if your child is to continue to access the internet in school.


Chartwells/Free School Meal

Chartwells are our school meals providers and manage everything from the menus to the money.  The school does not deal directly with these but will pass on messages.  All EY/KS1 children are currently entitled to a free school meal.  If you are in receipt of particular benefits you may be entitled to a free school meal.


Pupil Premium

This is a grant paid to the school for children in families claiming particular benefits.  As well as free school meals, you may be entitled to assistance with trips, clubs and music lessons.  We have also used this to support with other school needs and enhanced learning opportunities.  You may claim this, even if you do not wish to have free school meals.


If you wish to find out more, please visit and search for free school meals.  The application must be made online.


Enhanced Pupil Premium grants are available to children who are in local authority care or who are adopted.


An additional Pupil Premium is available to Services families.


If you have any other questions, please ask.