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Miers Court Digileaders


Digileaders is a scheme where we learn to use all sorts of technology to report on events around Medway and in school. We are learning to be photographers, reporters and social media experts.

Groups of us will attend the Mini Youth Games sports events where we develop our skills.

We will also use the skills we have learnt in school to report on events here.


Our first activity was to attend a day-long conference to introduce us to the Digileaders scheme and start our training.


Here are a few reports from the conference:

Digi leader conference

  • We went to the Digi-Leaders conference at Holcombe Hockey club; the head of Digi-Leaders is called Jon. The three jobs for a Digi-Leader are photographer, social media promoter and a reporter we were given Digi-Leader handouts and a newspaper and we had to cut out a picture that represented a good role model to us. My role model was Darcey Bussel. by Eleanor.
  • Some members of Year 6 went to Holcombe Hockey club to be trained to be Digi-leaders. Together we all learnt the key points on taking photos, writing reports and knowing the types of social media we may be using. The conference was very helpful and we will soon be helping you to keep up to date on what is happening inside school and outside on the competition grounds. We all have a job and we hope together our photography skills, reporting skills and usage of social media will help you see what really happens at Miers Court Primary school J ! by Sophie.
  • At our Digi-leaders conference we were told who role models are and what they are to us. We wrote down qualities a role model must have such as; support, knowledge and confidence. We were told about the events and who does what. Overall I learnt that being a Digi-leader is a job that requires confidence and strong leader ship. by Ashlee.

  • At our Digi-leaders conference, we discussed about role models and learnt the responsibilities of being a Digi-leader. We stuck pictures in our pamphlets and wrote a suitable caption that captured the moment. We learnt a lot about Digi-leaders and will learn more with ou pamphlets. I learnt that being a Digi-leader means being confident and supporting our ideas - by Madison.

  • At the Digi-leaders conference we learnt a lot. We learnt about captions and explained what role models are and how important they can be to people. We stuck in pictures on pamphlets and write captions to match the picture. Altogether it was a great experience and it means a lot to be a Digi-leader. by Oliver.
  • On Monday 5th November, we went to the Digi-leaders conference at Holcombe Hockey club. We learnt different features we needed to have to qualify as a Digi-leader by Jon (who developed Digi-leaders). The conference was with three different schools, in different years. We learnt how to be a good role model to younger children. . We also decided who our role models are and why they are role models to us, so that we know how to be role models for them. There are three different jobs as a Digi-leader: photographer, reporter and social media promoter. by Emily.


Events that we have covered this year include:

Mini Youth Games Badminton

School Carol Service

Mini Youth Games Swimming