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Strengthening Minds UK C.I.C is a community interest company with a passion to ensure that the communities in which we serve, are full of opportunities that will help residents to thrive. We are a team of dedicated and committed- staff, volunteers and residents- working hard to create an environment that is accessible and impactful for all that attend. Strengthening Minds UK C.I.C provides a wide range of initiatives to support the emotional wellbeing of residents throughout the communities in which we work. Our collaborative approach enables us to work closely with partners to ensure effective and impactful services are provided. The work in which we carry out has no age limit, we are committed to ensuring impactful services are implemented to meet the needs of our communities as a whole. Our aim is to work closely with partners, fellow professionals and our residents to ensure we identify key areas within the communities where support is needed, delivering high quality services that will empower communities to thrive.

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October Half Term Activities at the Gillingham Community Hub!