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If your child is absent for any reason please telephone the school office as soon as possible and leave a message on our absence line.


If you have not telephoned, you will receive a text message or telephone call requesting a reason for your child's absence.  Any unexplained absence has to be recorded as unauthorised.  Please also let us know if your child has a medical appointment during the school day but please note that we are unable to allow children to leave school unaccompanied during the school day.


Due to Government legislation, we are unable to authorise holidays during term time unless there are special circumstances.  If you have reason to need holiday leave during term time, please call into the school office for a holiday request form where you can explain your special circumstances.


If your child is sick during the school day, we will contact you to collect them. Please ensure that your emergency contact numbers are kept up-to-date.  Appropriate first aid will be administered by qualified staff, where necessary.


If your child is often late they will miss a vital part of the lesson and disrupt the lesson for everyone else.  If this happens regularly, they will be required to the Attendance Advisory Service.


Rainbows offer an excellent breakfast club facility for anyone who has trouble managing the mornings, as well as those who just want to have a lovely breakfast!



Many parents think that arriving to school late is not important and does not affect their child's education


If your child arrives late to

school by:

They will have missed this

amount of days learning

5 minutes 3 1/2 days
10 minutes 7 days
15 minutes 10 days
20 minutes 14 days
30 minutes 21 days


Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost, and can seriously disadvantage your child's education.


School begins at 8.50 am.  Please make sure your child arrives at school on time.