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Advent Calendar

Once again our children and staff are working hard to prepare advent calendar items for you. Each day the numbers below (decorated by the children) will become a link to that day's contribution.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to see slideshows of the numbers that were chosen in a larger format, and another one of the some of the best of the rest. The standard was incredibly high and there were some very hard choices to make.

  Day 22  
Day 6   Day 9
  Day 18  
Day 10   Day 24
  Day 12  
Day 8   Day 20
  Day 4  
Day 7   Day 11
  Day 3]  
Day 25  
  Day 21  
Day 14   Day 5
  Day 17  
Day 23   Day 2
  Day 1  
Day 13   Day 19
  Day 15  


The chosen numbers in higher resolution.

The best of the rest. Here you can see how high the standard was from so many of the artists.....