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Art Rebels Finalist

As you are all aware, we submitted 14 entries to this years ‘Portfolio’ competition ‘Art Rebels’, hosted by the Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate. The theme of this year’s contest was to create work that was inspired by, or encompassed the act of rebellion. Pupils explored a variety of thought provoking and challenging themes and were given the freedom to experiment with innovative approaches to mark-making, the use of colour and sculpture using found objects. They really pushed the boundaries to create their rebellious pieces of art! We were very proud to receive an invite to the final of the ‘Portfolio’ competition on Wednesday 1st May in support of one of our Year 1 pupils Joe, whose work was selected from over 1300 entries. Joe produced a piece of outdoor wall art that was bold and exciting and which the judges described as fitting the competition brief perfectly, really capturing the spirit of being a rebel. Joe will have his work displayed at the Turner Contemporary Gallery Margate and at 3 other venues around the UK over the course of the year.



Art Rebels Competition

Last week, we have celebrated our 'Art Rebels' competition with a special, whole school assembly. The brief for this competition was to create rebellious artwork and to try new and daring things. Children were given the freedom to experiment with many different types of media and techniques and were given the opportunity to choose their own themes. We had a wide variety of responses, ranging from experimental outdoor art, defacing copies of the work of known artists, sculptural pieces and work which makes the viewer reflect on thought provoking topics such as climate change, the effect of plastic on our environment and animal cruelty.


It was very difficult to choose overall winners for each class, as all entries displayed creativity and interesting themes, but the following children received a £10 voucher to spend on Amazon in recognition of their efforts:


YR - Joshua and George

Y1  - Joe and Rajni

Y2 - Isla and Millie

Y3 - Ava and Florence

Y4  - Lara and Faith

Y5 - Holly and Amy

Y6 - Jeremiah and Henry


Year 5 Self Portraits

This year’s art is really fun as we have been doing self-portraits and more exiting art. We made self-portraits using accurate proportions and different shading. It took 3 weeks to complete and we practised on the next pages in our art books. The eyes were my favourite because the other parts like the nose and mouth were tricky. We had to practise hair without doing tons of lines before we did the shading and adding any other bits like the neck and shoulders.

  • Juliet


During this year, we have been doing art. We have experimenting different technical features and how to draw realistic facial features.

  • Ashley


During term 4, we have been drawing self-portraits. The first steps was drawing an oval and then guide lines, the second lesson was about practising drawing eyes, noses and mouths. In the next lesson, we added the eyes, nose, mouth and also the ears, next we practised hair (we didn’t just draw hundreds of lines). The last step was adding hair and shading. In total, it took three weeks to complete.

  • Maisy


During Year 5, we have practised our skills of technical art from painting with food to drawing self-portraits. To do the self-portraits, we drew ovals, then added proportion lines and the neck (for step 1). In step 2, you drew eyes nose and mouth, it was realistic already! Then next week, we drew on the ears, hair and then shaded. We learnt different techniques of shading, like crosshatching, hatching and stippling. It was so fun and I would like to do it again. Although it took many tries, it turned out so amazing that I didn’t mind.

  • Jessie


Art Competition

Pupils have recently enjoyed participating in an Art competition: 'Art Inspired by Different Cultures' and the standard of the work produced was very high!

Each class chose a different country as their focus for the competition and linked their artwork to traditional stories from that particular place.

Although it was very difficult to decide, pictured below are the winners from each class. The pupils were chosen for various reasons: composition, use of different materials, mixed media, experimentation with different techniques and their creative approach to the project.


The overall winner of the competition was Oliver from Kestrel Class, who produced a visually exciting illustration of a snake which was inspired by Egyptian stories.


Congratulations to all of the winners and well done to all of the children that entered the contest!


Mrs George