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Occasionally, we may take photographs of the children at our school. We may use these images in our school’s prospectus or in other printed publications that we produce, as well as on our website or on project display boards at our school. We may also make video recordings for monitoring or other educational use. From time to time our school may be visited by the media who will take photographs or film footage of a visiting dignitary or other high profile event.  Pupils will often appear in these images, which may appear in local or national newspapers, or on televised news programmes.


To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we seek your permission before photographing or making any recordings of your child for promotional purposes. 


If you need another copy of the registration letter please let us know.

Our ducklings and their first swims

Still image for this video
Over the weekend and during the weekend our ducklings found they could already swim. Here are a couple of short clips of them enjoying the water.

Our first duckling hatching

Still image for this video
Here you can see (and hear the cheeping) as our duckling cuts a hole in the egg to push its way out.

Giant Snowflake

Still image for this video
Here are two aspiring TV presenters showing you how to make a stunning giant snowflake.
Here is some of the artwork we have up in school at the moment, a lot of it is about other countries around the world.

Displays About People who have Inspired Us.

We have been thinking about people who inspire us and here are some of the displays we created about those people.

School Council Road Safety Poster Project

Our school council have been leading a project on road safety around the school. Here are some of the posters that were designed by children in the school.