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Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Online Advent Calendar for 2017.

Here we will be showing you some of the things that have been happening in school in the run up to Christmas. Each number will become a link you can open on that day.

All the numbers have been coloured in by the children.

Click here to see a slide show of the numbers we chose and some of the ones that we nearly chose for the front page.

  dAY 16  
Day 20   Day 10
  Day 3  
Day 9   Day 22
  Day 5  
Day 11   Day 25
  Day 14  
Day 19   Day 8
  Day 1  
Day 21   Day 12
  Day 18  
Day 2   Day 7
  Day 24  
Day 15   Day 17
  Day 23  
Day 6 Day 4